Hiring for the Virtual Media Function

/Hiring for the Virtual Media Function

5 Essential Skills of a Social Media Marketer

By Kim Palacios

Hundreds of professionals self-identify as social media experts; but, what does that really mean? Social media (in the Web 2.0 sense, at least) has only been around for four or five years, hardly enough time to war-harden veterans. What about marketers (like me) who have worked in the online space since Web 1.0, […]

How Much Does Your Traditional Agency Know About Virtual Media?

By Kim Palacios

A trained eye can almost immediately detect the robustness of a brand’s online media presence.  So, why do so many major brands that spend millions a year on marketing show so many rookie mistakes?  It could be because they have the wrong people managing their online marketing programs.  Our observation has been that […]

Outsourcing vs. Insourcing Your Online Marketing Team

By Kim Palacios

The market is flooded with job openings for online marketers, with many companies requiring candidates to show a laundry list of skills.  Yet, is it realistic to expect a single staffer to be able to handle all aspects of online marketing, and to be able to handle them well?

Maybe not.  To effectively manage […]

How to Hire a Professional Blogger

By Kim Palacios

It’s easy to find a writer with a strong portfolio.  It’s harder to find the right writer for your business.  Technical skill is not enough.  The best writer for your brand must know enough about your industry to write credibly, must be sensitive to tone, and must understand competitive dynamics well enough to […]