Sure, we could start with the hottest digital media trends, but we’d rather focus on fundamentals. The companies we advise rarely miss opportunities because they’re late to adopt–more often, they lack useful frameworks for thinking through goals and strategies and a disciplined approach to ensure that tactical planning aligns.

We help by facilitating critical conversations that articulate core objectives and identify pathways that are key to success. We listen to understand past achievements and failures and leverage our expertise to determine which future actions can create transformative value. Beyond the planning itself, we develop communications and supporting documentation to help ensure that key stakeholders understand and are on board with plans. Finally, we educate internal teams around how to use plan documentation as a check and balance to guide tactical execution toward yielding meaningful results.

Social media is an art and a science. The art begins with crafting irresistible brand assets—from slick channel design, to well-developed broadcasts, to evocative visual media. The science begins with understanding the social media ecosystem as it relates to brands, and using data to inform channel utilization, broadcast planning and optimization.

Our service offering includes social channel development, from the custom skinning and channel design, to copy writing and art curation for social broadcasting, to sponsored post campaign development and management, to follower/engagement cultivation.

So, how do we do it?

  • We first take the time to understand what social platforms are truly appropriate for our clients’ brands
  • We do discrete planning for each social channel, describing what goals it intends to achieve within the overall framework of the media plan, and setting measurable targets that will help us understand performance
  • We work with clients and study brand materials in order to hear, and emulate, the brand voice. We are excellent writers who understand, tone, volume, and cadence, and we nail all three every time
  • We maintain an up-to-date understanding of the most relevant platforms—from creative requirements, to profile building, to findability, and can work them with flawless administration

Media execution is critical to the success of any great marketing strategy, and great execution begins with smart media plans. Luxe develops comprehensive tactical plans that map to core product and brand objectives, with benchmark-driven targets and measurement mechanisms put in place to ensure that goals can be met.

Our media plans extend beyond high-level allocations of budgets across tactics and simple specifications of the media mix. We deliver assessments of hard and soft benefits expected from each tactic, detailed estimates of project reach, engagement and conversions, and analysis of the impact of paid media efforts around unpaid channels. Clients are always in a position to understand the effectiveness of our media plans because we develop performance targets up front. We also work to ensure that our clients have the latest back-end tracking in place so that results can be fully and universally understood.

Luxe’s team of accomplished writers has produced hundreds of blog postings, scores of pieces of print marketing collateral, and dozens of documents written for clients for internal communications. Clients that hired Luxe Virtual for professional blog writing have found their content syndicated on more than 50 web sites and news outlets, including The Huffington Post, IMDB, BigThink, and more; beyond that, Luxe bloggers have been invited to make media appearances on behalf of our clients, in relation to our writing. Outstanding results such as these are what you can expect from Luxe Virtual writing pros.

Our full set of content services includes:

  • Crisply-worded, SEO-optimized web copy, for use on or other online profiles
  • Highly-readable blog postings and articles with well-crafted headlines that encourage reads
  • Social broadcast content development and curation
  • Presentation and sales pitch writing
  • Sophisticated white papers (even for highly specialized industries)
  • Taglines and other core brand identity materials
  • Editorial services and improvement of existing copy

Luxe has managed more than $10M in media spend since its inception, and achieved double-digit performance improvement for 100% of clients with historically-active campaigns. We do in-house development and management of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns, content and large network display campaigns (via programmatic buying), and social campaigns (via a combination of direct and programmatic buying) as well as direct buying of private and premium placements for digital, print, and outdoor placements.

We drive outstanding results by focusing on quantitative rigor and utilizing advanced data analysis techniques to react quickly and effectively to real-time market conditions. Luxe knows how to work with and interpret large, complex data sets and keenly applies our rich understanding of data toward reacting with agility and executing our client’s most promising optimizations.

Past Results:

  • Managed a $1.7M digital media budget for one of the top 3 tax preparation franchises in the U.S.; achieved double-digit performance growth in PPC campaigns for four separate products, including the primary January to April tax season campaigns for which budget exceeded $1M. Managed complex structural and budgetary constraints, and optimized individual results within them, including one central national campaign, and 200+ DMA campaigns.
  • Managed a $500k digital campaign for one portfolio drug of a $900M publicly traded pharmaceutical company. Drove leads that were 91% and 97% less expensive than leads from the secondary and tertiary online marketing channels, and that drove 268% and 451% more lead volume. Luxe provided strategic insights around the product’s entire online media program, including a multi-channel ROI analysis that led to the cessation of less effective secondary campaigns, saving the client $1.2M.
  • Designed and ran the inaugural SEM campaign for a legal services company offering a brand new online tax extension filing product. Despite an extremely short campaign window, optimized conversion price downward by 82% and performed advanced customer attrition analytics.
  • Architected and executed a complex SEM campaign for a Fortune 1000 financial services firm dealing in credit risk management. Developed keyword groupings that would allow searchers to find targeted information despite thematic product similarities and internal keyword cannibalization.
  • Performed advanced statistical analysis on competitive market research for a major doctor concierge service. Developed marketing strategies for the same entity, despite complex ROI dynamics and geographic constraints. Architected a scalable advertising model that addressed competitive dynamics and also allowed for single-market pilots to adapt with agility when expanding to additional markets.

What are people saying about you online, right now? How does that compare to what they are saying about your competitors? What percentage of available digital content about your product or brand is actually controlled by your company? If you don’t know the answers to any of these questions, it’s time to make reputation management a priority.

At Luxe, we draw an important distinction between reputation monitoring and reputation management. Though many monitoring tools exist, when it comes to problem remediation and reputation optimization, few great services can be found. We go beyond monitoring to combine insights gleaned from the latest, most robust tools with our proprietary analysis method to establish a baseline view of the overall health of your digital reputation. From there, we develop and execute plans to help you subordinate or eliminate incorrect or damaging information, while also optimizing visibility around brand information you control.

Our full set of online reputation management services includes:

  • Digital brand health assessments and online reputation audits
  • Issue investigation and resolution (e.g., harmful or incorrect information, copyright and trademark violations, illegal activity)
  • Competitive reputation and brand position analysis
  • Brand sentiment and trend analysis
“It has been a pleasure working with both of you as you have tried hard to listen to our needs and accommodate them. Many thanks for meeting our deadline – much appreciated.”
“Outstanding work this year on the REA marketing brochure, the Energy Procurement Case Study, and the Architecting for agility white paper. Thanks for helping us get the packet ready in time for IEEE.”
“Sending you some inspiration as we work deeply and swiftly on this Fest. THANK YOU for your amazing contributions. We are creating such change.”
Jill Eickmann, Femprovisor Fest

Luxe’s Client Base

Marketing agencies hire Luxe to perform highly specialized online marketing functions that may not be well-represented on internal teams. Our superb understanding of advanced online marketing tactics finds us exceeding goals for a broad spectrum of agency accounts, regardless of industry.

Corporations hire Luxe to fully manage their virtual media presence, or to provide master consultation to internal marketing teams. Luxe adds value by supplying the mix of strategic acumen and forensic expertise needed to drive outstanding results.

Luxe also works with several non-profits and start-ups on a pro-bono basis to help support budding organizations that may be ill-positioned to afford high quality digital marketing services.