What are people saying about you online, right now? How does that compare to what they are saying about your competitors? What percentage of available digital content about your product or brand is actually controlled by your company? If you don’t know the answers to any of these questions, it’s time to make reputation management a priority.

At Luxe, we draw an important distinction between reputation monitoring and reputation management. Though many monitoring tools exist, when it comes to problem remediation and reputation optimization, few great services can be found. We go beyond monitoring to combine insights gleaned from the latest, most robust tools with our proprietary analysis method to establish a baseline view of the overall health of your digital reputation. From there, we develop and execute plans to help you subordinate or eliminate incorrect or damaging information, while also optimizing visibility around brand information you control.

Our full set of online reputation management services includes:

  • Digital brand health assessments and online reputation audits
  • Issue investigation and resolution (e.g., harmful or incorrect information, copyright and trademark violations, illegal activity)
  • Competitive reputation and brand position analysis
  • Brand sentiment and trend analysis